— by Sebastian Schmieg, presented by Roehrs & Boetsch


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Berlin, 22-30 Sep 2018
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  • !Mediengruppe Bitnik &
    Low Jack

    !Mediengruppe Bitnik are contemporary artists working on and with the Internet. Their practice expands from the digital to affect physical spaces, often intentionally applying loss of control to challenge established structures and mechanisms. Carmen Weisskopf’s and Domagoj Smoljo’s works formulate fundamental questions concerning contemporary issues.

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    Low Jack is an electronic music composer and live performer. He combines club-oriented and experimental music sounds, and acts as a DJ in clubs and at digital and music festivals.

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  • Andy Kassier

    Andy Kassier is a conceptual visual artist. His body of work comprises self-portraits, sculptures and installations in which he discusses matters of wealth, success and the related self-representation in our time. An essential part of his work concerns the phenomenon of ‘self-branding’, especially referring to the cultural perception of the ‘self’ in the digital sphere.

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  • Aram Bartholl

    Aram Bartholl is a conceptual artist known for his examination of the relationship between the digital and physical world. Tensions between public and private, online and offline, techno-lust and everyday life are the core of Bartholl’s work. His public interventions and installations often entail surprisingly physical manifestations of the digital world, challenging our concepts of reality and incorporeality.

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  • Bastiaan de Nennie

    Bastiaan de Nennie positions his practice at the intersection of the two ever more intertwining worlds of the physical and the digital. These two presences raise questions about the dominance of the material over the immaterial and our belief that the atomic structure is more real than its virtual counterpart or about the relationship between man and machine.

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  • Banz & Bowinkel

    Banz & Bowinkel are using a mixture of computer-generated still and moving images, interactive virtual reality installations and augmented sculptures. They explore the relationship between virtual and real spaces and how their separation collapses with the advancement of technology. Friedmann Banz and Giulia Bowinkel thus examine how a growing entanglement of man and machine changes our understanding of reality.

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  • Grażyna Roguski

    Grażyna Roguski uses elements of performance, sculpture and fashion to engage with the power dynamics between sexes and identities. Between standardization and endless variability, she relates to different frames of reference embedding them into today’s context – a context in which the shared consumption of sexuality and self-fashioning merge into performative practices.

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  • Jonas Lund

    Jonas Lund is a contemporary artist who creates paintings, sculpture, photography, websites and performances that incorporate data from his studies of art world trends and behaviour. His artworks also critically reflect on contemporary networked systems and power structures of control.

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  • Milena Milosavljevic

    Milena Milosavljevic is a young artist who deals with topics of social behaviour, groups and contemporary communication. Her interests are closely related to the way a crowd responds to political and social content, and how they communicate.


  • Nadja Buttendorf

    Nadja Buttendorf is a transdisciplinary visual artits specializing in questions of cybernetic enhancements of the human body, alien speculative scenarios and posthuman jewellery.

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  • Olia Lialina

    Olia Lialina is among the best-known participants in the 1990s scene. This century, her continuous and close attention to Internet architecture, "net.language" and vernacular web has made her an important voice in contemporary art and new media theory.


  • Peggy Pehl

    Peggy Pehl's media are sculpture and installation. Pehl often uses found objects – from the street or elsewhere – which she then reworks and fictionalizes. The layers or filters that she applies are mostly made of simple materials such as cardboard, clay or paper-maché. In this way, her spatial installations and sculptural objects are reminiscent of a canvas on which a narrative unfolds.

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  • Shawn Maximo

    Shawn Maximo produces theatrical sets, sculpture, wallpaper, furniture, interactive exhibition design, architectural renderings and stock imagery, which all pose “what if” scenarios of familiar yet incongruous scenes.


  • Silvio Lorusso

    Silvio Lorusso writes texts and makes things that explore the relationship between entrepreneurship and precarity, in other words, entreprecariat. His book on the topic will be published in November by Krisis Publishing.


Sebastian Schmieg

Sebastian Schmieg's work engages with the algorithmic circulation of images, texts and bodies within contexts that blur the boundaries between human and software, individual and crowd, or labor and leisure. At the centre of his practice are playful interventions into found systems that explore hidden – and often absurd – aspects behind the glossy interfaces of our networked society.

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presented by
Roehrs & Boetsch

Roehrs & Boetsch is a contemporary art gallery based in Zurich. Given the rapid pace of technological progress and the major impact of digitalisation on contemporary society and art, Roehrs & Boetsch is the first and to date only gallery in Switzerland to devote its programme to exploring digitalisation and its implications for society. By working very closely with emerging as well as established artists, the gallery exhibitions explore and critically reflect the relationship between contemporary culture, digitalisation and art in a range of media and techniques. Furthermore, as an art gallery, Roehrs & Boetsch takes great interest in actively discussing and developing new forms of exhibiting artworks where conventional methods have failed.

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The story of Gallery.Delivery

Gallery.Delivery is both a group exhibition and a performance that can be ordered online. It will be delivered by bike courier in a "White Cube" courier bag to the address stipulated in the order, where it will be temporarily installed.

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As the Internet increasingly penetrates every corner of our lives, this is giving rise to a mindset where we expect immediate availability in all aspects of our material world, triggered by a simple click or tap.

Gallery.Delivery applies this promise of immediate availability to the exhibition space and the format of the group show. However, unlike with normal delivery services, the courier doesn't stop at the doorstep; instead, he enters the private home where he sets up the exhibition and offers the works for sale. In this moment, the process of setting up the exhibition takes centre stage as a performative aspect of the show.

Your favourite artists, delivered: Banz & Bowinkel, Aram Bartholl, Nadja Buttendorf, Bastiaan de Nennie, Andy Kassier, Olia Lialina, Silvio Lorusso, Jonas Lund, Shawn Maximo, !Mediengruppe Bitnik & Low Jack, Milena Milosavljevic, Peggy Pehl and Grażyna Roguski

A project by Sebastian Schmieg, presented by Roehrs & Boetsch

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